For shared owners

shared owners

Welcome to your online shared owners handbook

These are your guides to the essential things you need to know about your home and your rights and responsibilities as a shared owner.

They're for guidance only. They do not replace your lease, which sets out full rights and responsibilities, and should be your first point of reference if you have any queries.

We have two different types of shared ownership lease and a handbook for each. If you're unsure which type you have please get in touch.

'New model' shared ownership homes:

  • - All homes built using funding from the Affordable Homes Programme 2021-26 will be under the new model shared ownership.

‘Traditional model’ shared ownership homes:

  • - All homes built before 2021 are on the traditional model.
  • - Some homes built after 2021 won't receive Affordable Homes Programme funding, so will also be on the traditional model.

Please note: the information on these shared owner pages is for guidance only. You should always refer to your lease for comprehensive information and get legal advice where necessary.