Moving out

Ending your tenancy

Your tenancy agreement sets out your responsibilities and rights as a tenant and our responsibilities as a landlord.

Weekly tenancies run from Monday to Sunday, so your notice to terminate will always end on a Sunday. Your keys MUST be returned by 12 noon on the following Monday otherwise you will be charged for another week’s rent.

Take a look at our moving out checklist to see some of the things you should do before returning your keys.

Your tenancy does not automatically end when you move out of your home. Your tenancy is a legal agreement and if you wish to end your tenancy, you are required to give us at least 4 weeks written notice.

There are several reasons why a tenancy could end or change, including the death of a tenant or if you want to swap your home with someone else. Follow the links to find out what to do in these circumstances.



Swapping or transferring your home