Planned maintenance

Planned Maintenance

We continuously make plans for priority replacements and upgrades to make sure your home meets our standards. We assess the condition of your home periodically to check if any work needs doing to keep it in the condition that we expect.


Keeping your home in good condition

To keep your home safe and comfortable, we run a regular schedule of planned maintenance including:

  • gas servicing
  • periodic electrical testing
  • external decorating
  • heating upgrades
  • fixing roofs and chimneys
  • kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • window and door replacements

We will always aim to keep you fully informed about planned maintenance work by writing to you in advance with details of the work and names of the contractors. Contractors will then contact you with more information, giving at least two weeks notice before work is due to begin.

It is not always possible to give an exact timescale for works far in advance, but we will do our best to keep you informed of any delays.

Some planned works may require an initial survey to be carried out to properties to measure for materials and to devise an appropriate design; if this is the case, you will be given sufficient notice beforehand and kept informed throughout the process.

If we need to carry out major repairs we will discuss it with you in advance and where possible give you choices on design and materials.

If we need to access your home we will always agree a suitable time with you.

Report something that has broken in your home by contacting us.