Miracle Court lives up to its name!

miracle court 3

For retired couple Pauline and Robert moving to an affordable home in Miracle Court in the heart of Derbyshire village Bakewell, has felt like a real miracle!

Having moved to Bakewell several years earlier to be closer to family, they’d been living in a small, one bedroom flat, that just wasn’t big enough for the two of them.

The flat was hard work. A small kitchen that didn’t have room for a cooker or a full-size fridge/freezer. One bedroom that couldn’t fit anything in other than a double bed. And, as they had no space for a washing machine, they had to use a communal laundry room, which caused its own stresses.

They were struggling, and it was getting them down. But they didn’t want to leave the village and their family, especially their youngest granddaughter, who they spend lots of time with.

With the support of AGE UK, Pauline and Robert found they were eligible to apply for the two-bedroom flat at Miracle Court. As soon as they met Peter from PDRHA at the flat, they said they felt like they’d won the lottery. They told us:

“It’s such a beautiful home, we had no idea that these were affordable housing. It’s made such a difference to us.

“We are over the moon. We love everything about it – from having our own private front door, to the garden area, to the brand-new kitchen and, of course, finally having a proper cooker again!

“The fantastic wet room has made such a difference. It’s so much better for us, especially for Robert who has reduced mobility.

“Our housing officer Peter made everything very easy – he’s brilliant.

“We’re very happy. It’s like heaven, no, it’s like a miracle!”

Published 03.07.22