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PDRHA bids for funds to ‘save’ affordable homes

PDRHA is working closely with Bradwell Community Land Trust to save 12 affordable homes in this large Peak District village.  The homes were originally built in the 1960s for workers in the Newburgh Engineering works which was a major employer in the village.   The works have now down sized and the site is being developed for housing.  The company considered selling their houses on the open market.  The local Community Land Trust stepped in at this point and agreed with the owner that they would try to find a way to purchase and safeguard the homes for the current tenants.  This also means that they will be part of the stock of affordable rented homes for Bradwell in the future.

The CLT asked PDRHA to become involved and the Association has worked to raise the necessary funds to purchase the homes. Homes England and Derbyshire Dales District Council are contributing grants to the purchase.  A funding bid has also been made to Sheffield City Region. In line with the requirements of this PDRHA’s strategic business case is published here.

If this bid is successful the purchase will go ahead, Bradwell CLT will hold the freehold of the properties and they will lease these to PDRHA.  This will enable the community of Bradwell to have a long term stake in the properties.  The lease will set out the terms on which the properties will be managed, including stipulations about giving priority to those with a close connection to Bradwell.