PDRHA helps Ian stay close to home

When farmer Ian Redfern and his partner Debbie decided to move in together, Ian was sure of one thing.

“I knew I wanted to stay in Alstonefield,” he says.  “I was born in the village, I work in the village and I have family in the village.  I currently live in the farmhouse where my dad himself was born and has lived all his life.

“I run the farm for my parents now, as well as doing other odd jobs, such as repair work and gardening, for people around the village.

“My business is all in Alstonefield and I also have a lot of family and friends here, so it wouldn’t have made sense to move anywhere else.”

But Ian and Debbie, who works in Ashbourne, knew they couldn’t possibly afford to buy a house in Alstonefield, and privately renting wasn’t an option either.

“When PDRHA contacted me to say there was a three-bedroom house available for affordable rent, I was absolutely delighted,” says Ian.  “I’d looked at privately rented properties but the rents were astronomical.

“Our new house is less than a five-minute walk from the farm, so it’s a practical option for me but will also give Debbie and myself a bit of independence.  Although, believe it or not, my aunt lives in the other half of the semi!

“It looks like the perfect house for us and we can’t wait to get in and put our own stamp on it.  It’s absolutely ideal.”