Rural Housing Week gets underway today and we’re proud to be joining in the week-long celebration of rural housing and the difference it makes to our communities.

The week provides an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on affordable developments which offer a lifeline to local people, and to reinforce the message that housing is vital for the survival of our rural communities and services.

Today, we’re focusing on housing need and Company Secretary, Alison Clamp, explains what sets us apart from traditional house builders.

She says: “The main difference between a housing association, such as ourselves, and traditional house builders is that our work is driven by local housing need and a commitment to house those who are unable to compete on the open market.

“We all know that we are facing a shortage of homes, but Peak District Rural Housing Association has a proven track record of delivering affordable village homes where the need is greatest.

“This need is identified in conjunction with rural communities, and our homes are built specifically for local people with a connection to the village.  As a result, our developments are welcomed and communities are strengthened.

If you would like to find out more, or if your own rural community has a housing need, contact us on 0300 123 4009 or email