Welcome to the new families in Bradwell!

bradwell new families

Four happy families moved into their new homes in Bradwell at the end of August.

They are all local Bradwell families, and it’s a ready built community as they all know of each other already!

It was lovely to meet some of them a few weeks before their houses were finished and to hear just how much their new homes mean to them.

Here's what they had to say:

“I’ve lived in Bradwell for over 20 years and am so glad that we can stay in the village, close to our family and friends.

“We’ve been looking for a new home for over three years. As private rent is so expensive, we were living in a small cottage, where I was sharing the one bedroom with my two children. The cottage didn’t feel safe for a young family and made day-to-day life very hard.

“This home really is the start of a new chapter for us. I’m looking forward to having space to enjoy family life and room for a dining table at last! It will be wonderful to be able to open the back door and let the children play outside, knowing they will be safe. Our first new purchase will be a trampoline!!

“The Bradwell Community Land Trust have been amazing and I’ve really appreciated all their help.”


“I love our new home, it’s a new start for me and my daughter.

“It’s been exciting to watch the houses being built, we came down to the site most days to see the progress.

“I’ve lived in Bradwell all my life and my family ties go back a long way; my grandparents were born in the village. It’s a real relief to know that we can stay here, in a lovely house, close to family.

“We’ve been living with my parents, so it’ll be great to have more space and a large bedroom each!”


“We are so grateful to Bradwell CLT and Peak District Rural Housing for giving us the opportunity to live in one of these new homes.

“I've lived in Bradwell most of my life, where my mum and dad brought me up, and I have also raised my two daughters here. One daughter is still in the village and other one is close by in the next village.

“As both Robert and I are deaf we sometimes need help with phone calls etc so it’s great to have them all so close by.

“To be able to stay in Bradwell, in an affordable lovely home, with room for them all to visit means a lot to us and we are looking forward to our future together.”

Lesley and Robert

“We are really happy to be moving into our new house. It’s so hard to find housing in Bradwell because of the high rent and we didn’t want to move away as our family and friends are here.

“We’re looking forward to settling in and living in a warm, safe and spacious home! Even the car parking space will make a big difference for us, no more struggling to get our baby out of car on a busy road and carrying her up a steep hill! And we’re hoping the solar panels will help keep our energy bills low.

“This house is perfect for us, our daughter loves being outside and will really enjoy the secure garden. We’re planning to create a sensory fairy corner.”

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